Vulnerability and strength.

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From many youth I have given guidedance, several have asked me this question.

– How do you balance your vulnerability with your strength?
She sat there so beautiful and friendly and I think she possesses exactly the same herself. It is difficult to enter into itself. I’m better at seeing others and getting underneath the «skin» on them and telling them exactly how they are …

I thought it was a very good question. I don’t know if I have a very good answer.

I look a little bit around me and take a look out the window. It looked a little lifeless out there. Everything is almost like a black and white film. I fit in right now …I think…

I chewed my lips and thought so it broke. Her questions went over and over again in my head.

So far, I haven’t thought about this before.

In my head I thought me saw an old-fashioned weight where I put the word «vulnerability» in one bowl and «strength» in the other bowl. I saw them lying there  and tilted back and forth.


– Too much weight «vulnerability» or too little

– Too much weight «strength» or too little

Back and forth …. back and forth ….. knew I was totally dizzy of this…

I know she wanted an answer, I look at her, I could see that she is waiting.

I look at her and smile and my voice almost doesn’t carry, but I say

Being vulnerable, I think it often comes with being weak, unwanted and fearful. Much of this surrounds my childhood. Weak in the negative sense. I have since grown older that it is not like that. I recognize my vulnerability and know that it is a good feature or a good description of me. Being vulnerable means I am humble, have insight, understanding, hope, see opportunities, and have a warm heart for others. Being vulnerable or weak does not mean that I give up, but that I can let go of something or that I simply get up again when I «fell» …

At the same time, the «vulnerability» can catch me and I feel scared again. When this happens, I must relate to my thoughts. One set of thoughts that are not of the positive kind. Then thoughts of not being good enough and poor self-esteem will grow freely. Thoughts of insecurity, shy and fear spread. So for me, «vulnerability» is about actually weighing this word because it is both negative and positive to me. I am very vulnerable to some things because of my past.

Strength for me is generosity and the heart in the right place, to dare to be weak, and I told she more about me – but without embroidering this here.

I have to take a break.
Then I come to think about one during my studies.

I told her about this.

«So nice to be able to help,» I said.

After this conversation with the philosophical question, we have talked a lot together.

And me…I have thrown the «picture» of myself -in to the wall and it has broken into a thousand pieces.

Maybe, one day –  I «build» it togheter again.

A little flash of light on a gray everyday for a person I much care about, showing me every day what bravery is ❤


32 kommentarer om “Vulnerability and strength.

    1. You are so lovely💞 from the depths of my soul, thank you so much.
      I become very humble when you write the word strong, but I hide it in my heart and build on it, piece by piece. I am grateful❤️


    1. Thank you🦋I am very grateful for your kind words and for reading my post.
      I have faith and belive in your words in the coment. Lets make it heavier🦋
      I hope you have a nice day.


    1. God morgen.
      Neida, jeg gjør ikke det, jeg fortsetter med norsk først og så engelsk, men akkurat dette var postet før så jeg tenkte at denne gangen tar jeg bare engelsk. Små dikt kan bare komme på engelsk. Jeg strever litt selv, men lærer også. Å skrive novelle på engelsk om den er slik eller sånn var veldig vanskelig, phu…
      Håper du får en fin dag🦋


    1. Thank you so much for a nice feedback, it means more than you can imagine, and seeing the art the way you do, I am incredibly grateful for that too. I am both humble and speechless❤️
      I hope you make you a great day out there.. or maybe is night in your place…
      Take care🦋

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    1. Vet ikke hva jeg skal svare, blir målløs, men tusen takk❤️og det er helt klart det samme til deg, for du må aldri glemme DEG, et menneske skal lete lenge etter slike mennesker som deg, jeg er utrolig heldig som har deg her i mitt liv❤️
      Jeg drømmer, og en dag kanskje det blir sant og klemmen kommer til å vare evig🦋
      Vakre deg❤️


    1. wow, you have what? Now I am humble….. I remember I read something about this on your blog yesterday… I never heard about this? Okei, what I have to do? When I tap your link I come to my own blog?


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