I have been Nominated as a Sunshine blogger.

I have been nominated as a Shunshine blogger from https://easydiet.blog. I want to thank Ilona very much for nominating me. It was a really Nice surprice, and I am humble, touched and very Grateful. You definitely gave me my own sunshine day even it is snowing and beeing cloudy outside my window here in Norway.

This is New for me, but I understand that Sunshine Blogger Awards is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire creativity, positivity, gives others bloggers something to reflect on, motivation and acknowledge to whom you are as a blogger and support each others achievments in the community.

I feel Lucky and Grateful to have found and be a part of this blogging community.

Ilona this means more to me than you can imagine and again, thank you for your support, your feedback and you are a beatiful soul With a heart of gold.

Thank you, it is very affirming to know that my words speak to you and leave an impression and give you inspiration.

You can look through all my pain in my heart and soul and find something about me that touches your heart. You are a flash of light in my everyday life where kindness, love, strength and courage appear through your post on your blog.

Thank you from the deep in my heart, Orkidedatter 🦋 -(Orchid daughter)

Those I have nominated are at the bottom of my post.


The rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and make a link back to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the person who nominated you.

Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, and then write them 11 new questions – or cheat and use the same questions

  List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Here is my answers to the questions from Ilona:

1.Tell us three things about the place and country where you live now?

I live in norway, in a very small municipality, and in the countryside in the forest. it is located 60 km from oslo which is the capital of norway
. Where I live I have winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons. It can be very cold in the winter, really cold, like Alaska and it can be hot, like in warmer and exotic areas.

I have the forest, the lakes and the animals that live here as the closest neighbor.

A nature that is absolutely beautiful in my elongated country in all seasons.

Norway has a lot to offer from both art and literature and is known as the Troll’s country where adventure is a large part of Norway’s cultural treasure.

If you have your vacation to Norway you can experience vibrant city life or total silence. It depends on what you want. It is incredibly nice to sit out in Oslo or one other big city a hot summer day with a beautiful view of the city or the sea. Or the mountains and the fjords and waterfalls. It is a special experience to go up the mountain to experience the small cafés in the middle of the adventure too.

You will always feel at our heartwarming and be well received and gladly eat some of our Norwegian food which is also delicacies if you want too.

2. Can you name a teacher you remember for their influence or words of wisdom?

Her name was Reidun and she was my art and craft teacher in elementary school. She was a famous local artist and poet here I live. She was always so good to me, lokk at me with her eyes that glittered and it was like she looked into my soul. She told me I never had to stop drawing because I «talked» through what I did. As a little girl, I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but as an adult I realized that. I will never forget her. Her kind eyes, her lovely smile and a teacher I remember always spoke with kind voice and was curious about us the students in a kind way, and what we mastered. It was strange to me, but I temember I felt a good feeling in my heart.

3. Have you been to a school reunion, if so were you glad you went?

I have received an invitation, but I couldn’t go because that Saturday there was a wedding for my oldest aunt child.

4. If money or rarity were not problems, what would you like for your next birthday present?

I would have gathered all my blog friends from all over the world at my home in the woods with bonfires, sitting around it with food and good drinks. Stopped the time, just stay in here and now, talked out in the little hours into the night with good stories and a good cup of coffe too. Get to know each other in a diffrent way, see each other who we are and just enjoy each other’s passion too writing as well.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island with nothing and let’s face it, if you were shipwrecked you are not likely to have your favourite books etc. Would you rather have any person with you or be alone? 

I will have my family with me.

6. If you were offered a part as an extra in a film, what would you like to be?

I would like to be a part in the film «Music and Lyrics» with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.
Some of my favorite actors and directors. The film has so much emotion. It is with music, passion for writing and telling a story, a lot of warm humor, heartfelting and not least with romance and happy ending.

7. If reincarnation is true, who or what would you be next time? 

A butterfly with beatiful colors, fragile, but brave, and the wings take me to unknown places that I can explore.

8. What is your favourite mode of transport? 

I love my car, because I live where I live and I look at it as a lifeline. Apart from that, there must be snowshoes.

9. City, suburbs or rural retreat?

Rural retreat, because my soul feels like home.

10. What is your idea of a dream night out?

Good friends who have fun out in the night, dances to the music, speaks with the rhythem in ours heart and and not regret something that makes us smile but, who do small things with great love.

11. When you are buying birthday cards do you choose flowery or funny ?

I have to choose and it will be flowers, but a flower that can reflect the human soul and heartwarming to the one who should get the birthday cards.


Thank you again Ilona, and I wish you all the best❤️

Possible I cheat a bit, but I would like to keep the same questions, I really like them too. I wish you all the nominate good luck and all the best.

My nominations:











34 kommentarer om “I have been Nominated as a Sunshine blogger.

  1. Dear Orkidèdatter, thank you for nominating me on your list. I am humbled. Just keep drawing and doing your beautiful art and writing. Let your inner butterfly display its wings and fly, fly high over the forests and lakes of Norway. Tusen takk! 🦋

    Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, it was fine words.❤️It is with pleasure to nominate you because you are a source of inspiration for me, very talented and a beautiful soul. The way you also interpret me is unique and you have so much to show the world who you are and who deserve to be seen in this world.
      My pleasur🦋
      I hope your day will be filled with joy and happiness🦋
      I am so grateful to follow you and read your posts on the blog, thank you very much

      Likt av 1 person

      1. Always my pleasure. You are too kind to me. Thank you again. I wish my friend Mario Savioni had more attention than my blog, because he is a much better writer. Yet no one has nominated him perhaps? At least not that I know of. Without Mario I would never have started my blog nor crossed paths with you, dear Orkidedatter. Have a wonderful day! 🦋 ❤️

        Likt av 1 person

      2. Wow, is he your friend❤️I read his blogg, and yes, I am totaly agree with you, he is a great writer. I am sorry, I didn’t nominated him. My choice on you was not difficult, because you are who you are.
        Have a nice day🦋

        Likt av 1 person

      3. Mario is the only wordpress blogger I know personally. Yes, he is a good friend of mine. He gave me the initial impulse to write; his feedback was always very encouraging and that made me start my blog. Without having met him perhaps I would not have done all this nor crossed paths with a beautiful soul like you. It is OK if you have chosen not to nominate him. This is your personal decision. It just saddens me that I get a few nominations from time to time and many more likes and comments than Mario, where he is a much better writer than me. I think it is not fair, so I am telling all my blog followers to check out his blog and it seems to be working. You too have a lovely day, dear 🦋 ❤️

        Likt av 1 person

      4. You are lucky to know him and I can imagine you feeling what you are doing. I like his blog very well and yes, he is incredibly nice to write. I support you because he deserves all the mention he can get.
        But do not talk down your self my friend, because you have a talent that I value very much❤️
        I am grateful for your mention of him and right from heart what you mean, and it is not difficult to understand that you are very fond of him.
        I wish you a very nice weekend❤️

        Likt av 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your award! So nice to read more about you … as I don’t do awards I will respond to a couple of your questions here.

    4, I’d love to come for your birthday get together ❤
    I don't usually celebrate my birthday so if I really had to I would like something similar to yours 🙂
    5. I am definitely a rural person, it feeds my soul 🙂

    so glad you are enjoying the blogging and making so many friends ❤

    Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, you warm my heart and soul and I greatly appreciate your time and your comment. Yes, meeting you and all the others would have been a great experience, it is allowed to dream…
      Again, thank you🦋I am grateful❤️

      Likt av 1 person

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