Thank you

This picture is a screenshot from the Facebook website to, I have borrowed it, but let me know if you think that is not ok, I delete it.


It is pretty amazing to me that someone wants to feature the work I do.

I never thought when I started blogging or posting my work on instagram that this would happen.

I am so grateful to all my followers on wordpress and on my instagram account.

I can`t thank you enough, but I hope everyone of you can feel from my botton of my heart and from my depths in my soul that I am really very touched and thankful.

Thank you so much

for letting me post this poem on your website.

I hope more of my followers check you out and join in the world of being enchanted by all the beauty that is to read on your website. I do, and I follow you on facebook too, thank you.

I don`t know  what to say, I lost my words,  but here is the poem I choose:


Last night you were a panther.

One of the most beautiful animals in the world,

but also

one of the most dangerous.

Listed around in the nature of darkness

with glittering coat and shining eyes.

You hunted.

Circle your prey. 

You can feel the silence.

You stretched out your paw,

washed it gently,

before planting it in the wet surface.

You smelled in the night.

Licked your mouth

and jumped up to the nearest tree.

At the top you looked over the landscape.

Felt hunger, starvation and desire.

You have to kill tonight to survive.

You closed your eyes, a phanter was your


in this life.

You were attacked, smashed kisses and the 

heart torn out.

No magic.

No beautiful words.

No one cares.

No one miss you, just coldness and darkness.

Quietly you go from the place.

This time satisfied.

You won this fight.

You sneak home.

Lie down.

Lick your wounds.

You know it`s not long to the

next hunger

next yearning

next desire

the next battle.

Die or survive…





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