Want to be invisible

She never gets peace

she often get grabbed

she often puts up her hair

because they always touch it

she sometimes put on her make up

to feel beautiful

She sometimes wear a dress to feel

sensual and lovely

and it always ends up in a broken

dress being pulled in

often she wears too big clothes

hide her shapes

so no one is drooling on her breasts

when they are talking to her

she is observed

for every move she does

being hunted

but she is no trophy

hands gripping around her hips

pulling her back and forth

she is not a juvel that everybody

can check out

big hands smells of alcohol

grabs sweaty around her face

try to kiss her

words whispered into her ear

which she does not want to hear

they will play

she doesn`t want too

they dry around their

mouths and blink at her

she is no teddy bear

everyone can snuggle

and squeeze on…

she will be seen

for the soul she is and

the warm heart she has…

she’s not the first price

anyone can bring home.



39 kommentarer om “Want to be invisible

  1. Powerful message with soft and great words 👍 the woman is not a body, she’s a soul, she’s a heart, she’s a beautiful mind
    Hope people will realize that one day
    Happy weekend 💕🦋

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