Collaboration: Afterglow

I am honored and humble to have been allowed to work with this blogger for the second time my friend RJ

He has a blog that always touches something in my heart or soul. I can always recognize myself in his words. Whether it is joy, sadness, love, be a human or life,  there is a flood of words that make me feel, reflect, and awaken myself in a way that only he can. I am so incredibly grateful for this.

He is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold with so much wisdom and care.

I wish yo all the best from the depths of my heart and I hope you get everything you dream about because you deserve it.

Please visit his side

Thank you so much, I am so proud of our work togheter. 

Here is our work:

Poem: Afterglow

She is the best he has known

Thinking about pulling she towards him

Another episode just now and he would be

so glad

to love her

so roughly

so sweetly

so intently

She has drained him of all his

fluid which makes him sad

She was his

He is filled with satisfaction of which he has

never known

She was overcome by

his dominance

his lust

his desire

His dick aches from all she

has done

It was all love and fire

He wonders how she knows these things

Every inch and every curve and every line

he touched her in a gratification her body

has not felt before

all about him

all about her

It does not matter their pleasure is complete

She rolls her eyes backwards and moan

his name

He is in a place of peace and feels as

though he has wings

she gasp for air in an ecstasy with the

moon and the stars in an endless time of

weightlessness there trembling drones 

through her body

His mind remembers it time and again

Her heart, soul and body sparkles in a

fairytale and she can’t cool her flames

He now understands the delight of a smoke

She craves him for more

Oh the beauty of her naked body as she

rolls on top of him and sits on his wet dick

She wants it hard and strong and her eyes

glowing of it’s heat

Can he muster enough

to try again?

-Lillian & RJ-

33 kommentarer om “Collaboration: Afterglow

  1. It’s Really Amazing my Wife is 49
    And Her Beautiful Temple of God
    is the Same Form of
    Essence in Beauty’s
    Wisdom of Love
    As the First
    Day i met
    Her 30 Years ago.. my
    Friend and Yes This Passion
    is no less than it was that first
    day what else would inspire
    88,888 Words From me
    Similar to what you
    Collaborate Here..
    not much my
    much at all
    Less than more
    of my Wife is to Be now..
    Oh Lord i haven’t had the
    Opportunity to get back to
    This Art but coming here
    Always Reminds me now
    it is still near to coMe.. Again
    So Free to Be ALiVE NoW
    the way
    no restraints
    so free to come and go..
    More Smiles every Story
    At Core i write of course
    like this is of course for/from Her too..
    along with all my Visual Art too.. i don’t
    leave any PaRT out.. For all that is is
    Holy and Sacred Temple of God From
    Head to Toes of Play for Free.. to Be NoW..:)

    Likt av 1 person

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