3.2.1. Quote me

I was tagged by Huguette for 3.2.1 Quote me and the topic is “love”…


Well, Huguette, nothing has changed since I wrote some words about you last time, so I use the same words. Well, wait, I would like to add that you are a shining star here on the WordPress, at least to me❤️

Huguette, I am almost speechless but I love your blog. You have always a beautiful content with a deeper meaning to me.

You write interesting items and you make me laugh or smilewith your words or quotes.

Sometimes I can really feel all the feelings and it can hurt and I can feel like crying.

I appreciate your being a versatile blogger.

It is always a pleasure to visit your blog❤️

I am really found of you Huguette, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your bloglife.

I also appreciate your always support and your lovely words and feedback on my art and words.

You are a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. You always want us the best in this community. You’re always honest something I really appreciate. You speak right from your heart and that’s the way it is. Thank you❤️


“3.2.1 Quote Me” was created by a guy called Rory https://aguycalledbloke.blog


Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me! As copied from Hilary Post.

1 Thank the person who tagged you.

2 Post two quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day. → Topic is LOVE

3 Select three bloggers to take part in “3.2.1 Quote Me!” → I’m keeping the same topic: LOVE


It is so much about love… so it is hard to choose…but,

My first quote is:

«Love me ehen I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it»

This quote is meaning a lot to me because it is something called «in good and bad days» and in the worst days I probably need this most….

«Piglet put his paw on his Winnie the pooh: what is it? asked Winni the Pooh? Nothing said Pigley. Just wanted to show that I’m here if you need me»

These words and the almost invisible action make me cry. When I was a kid and got a little hand on my shoulder, whoever it was, I felt my heart became warm and my soul smile…

A little smile or a nice action can be enough for someone to have a better day. And to show this- it is for free….



And I send this over to;




41 kommentarer om “3.2.1. Quote me

  1. I loved them both Lillian! The first is so very true! I have lived this recently and I am forever great full to the one who Loved me through it! The second is something that can easily go unnoticed but mean so much! Thank You for sharing them! 🌹❤

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  2. I really can’t describe my feelings while reading such words from a person that know me virtually and say all these beautiful things about me! I really feel humbled by all this kindness and level of appreciation that I hardly recognize my self 🙂 Thank you dear Lillian for such admiration and respect! I’m forever grateful as I’m also very happy to have you such a beautiful and lovely soul in my community ❤
    I loved the fist quote so much! This is real love actually 💕 and the second didn't load from both PC and mobile :/
    Thank you for completing this tag and for this amazing shoutout ❤ 😊

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. Awww, you warm my heart with your kind words❤️thank you.
      Huguette, you deserve it so much because you are you and it is how I interpret and «see» you in here❤️
      Oh no.. it didn’t… thank you for letting me know… I will try again, because I really want you to see it….
      Take care❤️

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      1. they are true words always ❤ and I'm so happy you see me this way from a long distance 🙂

        Thank you for fixing it, I can see it now and I always loved Winnie the pooh 🙂
        Have a great day ❤

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  3. Wonderful quotes Lillian and both are so true. That second one is nice and something we can all show to others and you’re right, it’s free so why not share it? Well done as usual Lillian, I enjoyed it very much and it meant a lot to me today especially, thanks for sharing those quotes.🙂😺

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