I’ve been drawn.

Thank you so much


Wow, I feel honored to be drawn by a wonderful soul inside this blog community.

It’s amazing what some words and chemistry with the one you talk to can do.

I keep staring at those eyes… it is something about them.

You have caught the playfulness in my eyes …and I let my friend see it…»wow, she has drawn your «twinkle in your eye», was the response.

You are very talented.

Never stop drawing.

Never stop writing.

Keep smiling

Happy blogging.

Much love from


35 kommentarer om “I’ve been drawn.

  1. Wonderful drawing, you deserved it, if i could i would make a statue for you, because you are so good person and talented as well, been a while since i stopped here, but always a pleasure to see hat are you up to:) i hope that you are still working in your dream and that it will come true soon❤️

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    1. Awww, that is quite a compliment my friend. You warm my heart. Wow, a statue, I can dream about it❤️ I still working in my dream, I hope it will be true one day❤️and please, spread my words and art in France…. I wish you could put a poster of me on every corner in France….
      Thank you so much Ilona, I deeply appreciate it❤️you are so kind and lovely.

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