The Liebster Award

Thank you so much, Simon. I feel both honored and humbled.

I’m sorry it took me time to do this, but here it is.

I am nominated by

and it is Simon Nisha who are the author behind this blog.

If you don’t follow him already, please do. Show him your love because he deserve it.

He is a bloger that write from his heart and in my eyes he is always honest.

In my eyes he is brave too because he can write about different topics who can maybe provoke you or not.

He makes me think and reflect, and I like that.

He is a wordsmith, wow, he is wonderful.

He is an artist too, wow he is amazing.

Don’t miss this blog.

Thank you Simon again, I am very grateful to you.



1 Say ‘Thank you’ to the Blogger who nominated you.

2 Share 11 facts about yourself.

3 Answer the questions the blogger asked you.

4 Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.

5 Ask 11 questions to your nominees.

6 Notify your 11 nominees.


11 facts about myself:

1) I’ve sing songs on a stage before, snd I love to sing, so, if anyone has a text and want someone to sing it, you know where I’m😉

2) I love to have fun…

3) I’m the one who always stumbles on the flatfield …

4) I meditate.

5) I am very sensitive.

6) I am her who has to stretch and brush the bed sheet, shake my pillow and shake it again…and arrange the pillow before I crawl down my bed.

7) I become both seasick, car-sick, train-sick and sick when I take a plane… gosh…

8) I love to photograph.

9) I can go restlessly back and forth around and think and think again…

10) My zodiac sign is Virgo.

11) I’m allergic to fish and broccoli… yes, I know… I am weird….


Simon’s questions:

1 Is blogging your hobby or Job?


2 How do you choose your content?

My heart & soul.

3 Who is your blogger inspiration, one person true from heart?

My husband.

4 Did you ever liked blindly?


5 Do you simply comment, Or you read and comment as you mean it?

I read and comment from my heart and soul.

6 Do you workout, What else you do to keep healthy?

Sometimes, and I think about what I eat and drink.

7 Ever felt anxious about what others will say?


8 Will you unfollow me if i give you an honest feedback on one of your worst blog?

No, ofcourse not. I love people who are honest. They always tell me the truth and I can trust them. I know what you stand for and your values.

9 Which one is your favourite post?

I have many of them. All my posts means something special to me. I am sorry, can’t choose…

10 Which one is your worst post?

I am sorry… can’t choose this one either.

11 Who did you hate in your followers list, List them all?

No one.


Okei, folks, that’s all for now.

Take care.


49 kommentarer om “The Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations Lillian!! Especially enjoyed the facts about you! Wow, a singer too! I don’t even sing when I’m by myself, too scary. I can understand about the fish! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow which is already today for you!😃😺

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  2. So you’re a Virgo 😊 me too! (September 2nd) and you can sing? amazing! I always loved to sing but I have a lousy voice haha, I also can stumble on the flatfield , I did many times 😀 used to be very sensitive, now I hardly feel, much better!
    It was great to know more about you and to read your genuine answers as well! tumbles on the 😊
    Have a great day and congratulations for another award! Simon is a great blogger indeed and these are beautiful words you said about him 😊

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    1. Awww, you❤️Well, I want to be more like you- «now I hardly feel», but I have a long way to go and I will always be fragile, but on some point I hope I will be better.
      You are a talented writer… so write me a song my friend and we set the world on fire😀😉
      Heyhey… September 2nd❤️me too❤️
      I will remember that.
      Thank you so much for your read and lovely feedback, deeply appreciated❤️

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      1. Really? We’re born same day? What are the odds😳 sure I will never forget that either 😊
        Okay then will work on a song for you and you need to sing it then 😁
        Feeling less is healthier I guess, and when we are convinced that it’s never about us , we become less sensitive that’s it 😊
        My pleasure always 😊❤️

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      2. Yes, I know you are saying because of who you are and what you have going thru❤️you are stong and wise in my eyes Huguette, and I trust you because I know you have a lot of your own experiences on life, and it hurts, but you know what you are talking about.
        Thank you❤️


  3. Hi✨🤗 Thanks for yout Time✨ Glad to know about you. 😉 Seriously u sing 🙂 Love to watch one video of your singing. If you could share one with us. Im sensitive too☺️. What? you get sick of all mode of fast transport😳? how about bike🤔 i love fish and love to eat more and u r allergic🙄. Wow your husband is an inspiration👏 Good… and very smartly handled the last 3 questions ✨🤗 Have a good day✨✍️

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    1. Thank you, I enjoy doing it and yes I love to sing, but I love to be anonymous too, so I am sorry- no video. But maybe you write a song one day and need someone to sing it, we will rock the world😀😉
      A bike, yes…that is a good idea😊
      Yes, it was smart, because it was honest answers❤️I am always very satisfied with my posts.
      Take care and enjoy your day.

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      1. Shall pray Lillian that you overcome this handicap soon. My wife had sea sickness and we couldn’t take any cruise. And she had motion sickness on winding roads. It is tough

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  4. SMiLes Lillian We Have something in common i am not
    afraid to sing in front a Crowd on a Stage Either Public
    Dance will take just about all Fears away as i used to be
    almost Terrified to Speak on a Stage and that does not bother
    me a bit either now as i even delivered a Eulogy When my Father
    Died something
    i would have
    Never Dreamed
    of doing and true
    it took me until my
    50’s to be comfortable
    enough to do any of this..
    as truly the stress of Work Life
    took most of my Soul away for Decades
    and Even School Stress in terms of open
    Creativity.. so many Scars Modern Culture Will
    Make of Our Souls Turning us into Money making
    Machines and Cogs Behind Screens as Well Looking into
    the Light Looking into the Light fewer Hours of Sunrise or
    Sunset beauty to enjoy or even have the Attention Span as
    Science assesses Modern Humans on Average less than a literal
    Gold Fish as Empathy Empirical Scores of College Age adults are
    over 30 Percent Less than Decades Before Computers and Life spent
    in Mechanical
    too a life
    of Dance and
    Song and Yes of
    Course Painting and
    all other Arts will Heal those
    Scars of a Soul Grown Cold and
    Detached from Heart and Spirit my
    Friend anyway congratulations on the
    Award and wishing you continued Success
    in Evolving Spirit of Heart in Mind and Body Balancing
    Soul for the Lion King Movie so Popular in the United States
    Comes out this Week and i will admit that like all Human Beings
    if enough Dark comes into our Life the Scars will indeed Transform
    us into Scar the Lion Human too.. not unlike the Leadership of our Country
    Sad it is indeed When Soulless comes to Rule As Empty Shells of Humanity now…
    where what becomes
    Odd is more
    than one reply
    of Friendship
    when all you are
    trying to do is be Friendly
    How Cold this World Goes How truly Strange
    it comes to be When Humanity is no longer the connection
    that is allowed to Grow Deeper than bits and bytes of Twitter Talk..:)

    Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your words from your heart and honesty. I could feel your words in my soul…
      I love Lion king and I have to see the new one too.
      Thank you, you inspired me to a poem right now. I just have to write it down.
      I am grateful for your support and kind feddback, always, it means a world to me.
      I hope you are well and take care and enjoy your day.

      Likt av 1 person

      1. SMiles my Friend Lillian Still
        At Core Most All Human Beings
        Are Story Tellers who actually Give
        and Share Stories For Free to inspire
        Other Colors for the Play of Soul Within..
        There is a Great Disconnect
        today as links have
        become Words
        And Voice
        Button presses
        and not much more..
        There is a Real Problem
        with the Human Species when
        Stories become limited to one reply
        and only 140 to 280 Characters my
        Friend there is a Human Problem An Odd
        Soul Problem it is up to us to show People
        A Reference Point Back to Holy and Sacred
        Meaning Full of Purpose that need not wear
        any particular Religious Or Cultural or Political
        Clothes But the Human Condition that we All
        Share from
        Dark thru
        Light yes
        too A BLacK
        Abyss and those
        of Us who are Fortunate
        Enough to Entertain Beyond
        Rainbow Colors Of Piano Key
        And Percussion Drum of Heart
        As Strings of Piano in Art Become
        Extensions of our Vocal Chords more..
        Where Even Abstract Constructs Words
        Become Gardens Orchestras Symphonies Organic Soul..:)

        Likt av 1 person

      2. This is so beautiful, you have to write it down in a book and publish it. Thank you thank you for writing this amazing words… maybe I draw and paint to this words and put someone of your words togheter with it❤️
        Thank you.

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