I get some questions about my art:

And YES, it is mine.

I never use pictures from others page or site or free pictures pages…

Every single pencil line, paint strokes and color is mine…

It is my art,©️copyright orkidedatter.

I use a long time on one picture. I paint and draw. I paint and paint again and again and I draw a little bit more.

I use differences methods and tools.

In the end I am satisfied.

In the end I use a method «digitalprint» and on my instagram account @orkidedatter and blog you see digitalprint of my art.

As simple as taking a picture of my art and printing it out and it will last forever.

I wish for a geechee print printer…..but it is much expensive.

So, now you know more about my art and I think I keep some secrets about it tight to my heart…

One day I dream about a gallery show.

And, yes, all my words in my poems are mine too ©️orkidedatter ( if someone wonder)…

I just wanted to tell you❤️


A brush stroke

For every time she picks up the brush and looks at the colors in front of her, her heart will sing a happy song.

When she decides what color she should wear on her coat, her soul will rejoice.

As she lets brush and paint become one, her feelings of pain scream, and one brush stroke reminds her of what was.

She can have bright and happy colors, but still a shadow is thrown over them.

She can choose sad and dark colors and yet a shadow is thrown over them so they become even darker.

She can use the brush quickly with specific coats. Or use the brush gently with light movements.

For each brush stroke there is a feeling.

The more she paints, the more «she» appears in the games of color. Her innermost is reflected in what is painted in front of her.

She shakes her breath trembling and holds up what she paints in front of her. In a moment, a glimpse of the ghosts and a little glimpse of pain, she can see something changing.

She hangs up what she has painted on the wall. Take a few steps back and with admiration in the eye she sees the shadows getting smaller and the colors became clearer.

Can she master to let go…

Can she color over what was with new colors…

Can darkness brighten again…

What colors will she paint on her fragile wings that will learn to fly?

She wipes away some tears, tears falling from the depths of her heart and covering her soul with …


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  1. You are a multi talented blogger ✨✍️ you draw you paint you write poems blogs and wat else we don’t know 🤔 Your works are amazing. Like this amazing poem, well delivered your feelings through words. ✨👌✍️

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  2. Omg. I can’t express my feelings here, now. I am feeling numb. You draw so well, firstly. It is so emotional and the writing you posted here is a masterpiece. Each word is so deep. I may not feel them how you do, but I want to tell you that I understand, or always try to. Thank you for sharing such beautiful works of art!

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    1. Thank you thank you❤️you warm my heart. Your words mean a world to me❤️I can’t express myself how much happy I am right now. I am grateful.
      I hope your day/evening is great.


  3. Soulful poem ❤ and I never doubted that they are your words. The arts have their own feel like red strings connecting them together so I had guess they were yours. My husband is also an artist so I can sympathize about you dream of having a gallery.

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    1. Awww, you melt my heart❤️thank you so much. I am really grateful for your kind words. I appreciate you can fel like ref strings connecting them togehter, that is how a reader read my poems and see my art❤️
      Wow, he is. I hope it is going great for him and he reach dreams and goals.
      I will keep on work hard, maybe my dream come true one day❤️
      Enjoy your day.


      1. Oh my oh my… I love his art… that was amazing, but I felt a peace in my mind, special «lake if desire» so so beautiful and wonderful art.
        Thank you for letting me know❤️
        And thank you for your kind words and wishes…I am grateful.
        Enjoy your day.

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  4. SMiLes Lillian Love Your Painting so Unique
    So Original None Like it anywhere else..
    This is the Art i Love the Art that has
    Never been seen Before the Next
    Word to come that is a Mystery
    Until after the Keys are
    Stroked Smooth
    As Waves
    to come in Flow
    What’s Within Reflects
    the Flow of each and every word
    that comes next a Resting Place now
    for an Alien Soul that is only at Home
    Within An Only Friend the Force at Core
    When Spiraling out of what otherwise might
    be a Black Hole Soul inside if only Nurtured by
    Cold and Unloving Hands of Cultural Equations
    And Deadlines and To do List Humanity Denatured
    by the Hand of Coldness Modern Civilization does sadly make…
    Yet Art
    Shells of Soul
    Continue As Song
    And Paint Poetry
    And All Colors
    of Life that
    of Soul otherwise
    Lost Without a Place
    of anywhere to rest a
    Head in Peace Within my Friend..
    Nice to Share it all so Unique such a
    Lovely Large Globe now escaping from
    Small Localities of Prison Bar Souls my Friend..:)

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    1. I live this… oh my oh my… Thank you. I can feel a tear in my eye and it is from my soul that my mouth can’t tell.
      You are a wordsmith❤️
      I am so grateful how you read my poems and art, they beling togheter, always.. and you see it. It means more to me than you can imagine.
      Thank you.

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      1. Smiles my Friend i am
        what Nature Names
        A Complicated Soul
        What Science and Labels
        Name Asperger’s Syndrome
        And Bi-Polar Disorder that i have
        A Doctor’s Note that allows me to Control
        This Challenge With Truly only Free Verse Dance
        And Art of Song in Words and Voice to Balance all
        the Scars and
        Beauty Within..
        It is very Difficult
        for a Person like me
        to ever find even one intimate
        Friend i have a Wife who will never
        Understand me as no one else will
        likely do that either as even i am
        So Fortunate to Accomplish that
        truly Miraculous Feat at age 53..
        My Sister and Mother always
        Stayed by my Side as
        Blood Will connect
        my Wife is just
        An Angel
        A Saint
        And a Fiery one too..
        who came from nothing not
        even Food or Water the one
        Person who would offer Lazarus
        A Drop of Water Yes Love in Hell
        When everyone else left Separated
        except two by Blood.. People like us my Friend
        as the Word Friend Will come and go Do inspire
        each other and Birth New Art.. in this World there
        is truly no more Sacred Give and Share in Meaning
        And Purpose than that.. Thank God that You Found a
        Husband who Supports you the Way my Wife does this
        is Proof enough for me for God who lives as Flesh and Blood for
        me the Love that Will Allow Angel Wings to Ascend And Stay out of Living Hell..:)

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    1. I still chasing my dream Ilona… and I will do that for a long time I think, but I will not stop before I reach it.
      I really hope one day it will be true.
      I am so glad you like my art, and, yes, I want to be a different artist, so I have to do it my own way, I hope it is my path… You fill my heart with joy and hope Ilona❤️ please spread my name and art in France❤️
      Maybe I will go there and have an exhibition… wow… I can dream about it❤️
      Thank you for asking, I deeply appreciate it.

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      1. Well i think everydream is unique and takes a lot of time, only forward, there is no other way💚💛🧡💙❤, your poems are unique your art is unique and the connection between both makes it special!!!🤗

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  5. Thank you for the clarification dear Lillian 💕 you’re certainly very talented with both writing and painting and you can always use the colors and bright your life and paint you just as you want!
    Beautiful words reflecting a beautiful and unique talent 😊💕

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