A heart of tears… who is she…

I have been unsure of posting this, but the words mean so much to me – I slightly light the veil and show a little of myself today…
– I think it is a little bit scary and it is with many mixed feelings, Orkidedatter shows a bit of who she is behind all these words on this blog ..

-I am so Grateful from deep in my heart and soul to you readers and followers. Thank you so much.

Hjertets tårer the heart of tears who is she Norwegian blogger blogger Norway

She tries to find peace because her heart

will grow.

It’s beautiful, but worn.

The edges are sharp all the way around.

It has been attempted repaired. With

needle and thread or patch.

If you look closely, you can see the shade of

the patch torn off time and again.

Looking even further in, at the back of the

heart, you can glimpse a face.

It can become clearer the more you see, or

more like the shadows waving in the wind.

Unclear with black color that slides into

each other and it becomes difficult to put

into words – who it is –

You realize that the face belongs to the

heart, because they are equally ghostly.

She turns her face away in disgust and


It storms in the heart’s rhythm.

Faster and faster, she will not be anymore,

but it will not go away.

It is like thorns from «the black rose» being

thrown at her, and she feels an

indescribable pain in her heart.

In the face behind the heart tears flow like

a waterfall.

As a veil, they lay around her heart and dig

«the river of tears» bigger and deeper.

Can she fix it?

Can she be whole again?

Is the last flame extinguished?

She feels her heart, breathes deep, tries to

find calm and feel her own heart beating.

They said it would be good again ….

I don’t

need to take care of memories that aren’t

good for me anymore.

She wipes away the tears that quietly fall

down her cheek.

Her body remembers.

The heart knows.

Her mind can trick her.

All of the emotions and experiences are

stuck in her body as the pain of a thorn-

they scream the worst she senses-

Her body is crying for help, her soul is

working on a blow to heal, her mind is

trying to work with heart.

And her heart … she tries the best she can

to put it back together so she can move on

in life.

With a heart full of scars she begins to feel

the various nerves. They are there as black

paths. Trails she never wants to join, but

they must be in ok condition.

They’ll be with her to the end of life and

she’ll try everything she can to make new

paths bright and beautiful next to the dark



(Thank you very much to my aunt child who made me makeup this day)

43 kommentarer om “A heart of tears… who is she…

  1. Hello Lillian My Wife’s Earliest Memory
    is Her Mother’s BoyFriend Standing Over Her
    Bed With a Knife That’s All She Can Remember
    Perhaps She is Blessed But Yes the Body Keeps
    Score Our
    All of Our Emotions
    So Cold And Ice Hot…
    Young No One Every Explained to
    me That Our Emotions Are Driven
    In Every Cell of our Body They Told
    me Emotion is a Word but Never a Living
    Force in Every Cell in Our Body And then School
    And Work Installed All the Data then to keep the Cog
    i Served in the Machine Well Oiled And Always Ready
    To be
    And Slave
    For those of Us who
    See the Dark and Light
    As Angels Come And Demons
    Do as We Reflect All of Who We
    Are And Feel and Sense of Life as
    Angel and Demon too.. there is no need
    to See Life out of this Life for We Understand
    Shadows and Light Play Together Within us Now
    And Alive
    As Life my Friend..
    A BLeSSinG A BLiSSinG
    iS A Dance And Song of Life
    That Lifts Us Up doesn’t mean the
    Devil Dies for if that is true The Angel Does too..
    Yet the
    The Angel
    Dances and
    Sings With the
    Devil Just High Enough to Breathe..
    Smiles my Friend Now that my Angel
    Dances With My Devil Free i Feel Younger
    Than Ever BeFoRE Realizing that both must Be Set
    Free to Truly Live Eternally NoW as DaRK Shines LiGHT..:)


  2. So glad you decided to post the photo as you promised and you certainly are beautiful also from outside 😊 rare to find beautiful face with a beautiful heart 😊❤️
    Beautiful poem and the description is amazing and deep! Our scars are a proof that we are living and fighting, that we are survivors and no matter how many stitches are used, a great heart and soul will always shine and conquer 😊
    We also thank your aunt child for the make up 😊❤️

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    1. Oh wow, I am touched my friend. I am so grateful to you Huguette.
      Your words fill my heart with joy. ❤️
      Thank you so much.
      You are so wise… so much feelings…. I know you have your own scars too… you❤️are beautiful and always tell me caring words.

      Likt av 1 person

  3. That is a beautiful even though painful poem Lillian. So vividly described that I could see the patches, the scars, the dark paths and the face. Remarkable, well done, well written Lillian. I imagine it could not have been easy to write or share. But that healing can and will come, keep looking forward Lillian with hope and faith for that healing. I hope your evening is going well!😃😺🌙🌳

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  4. Beautiful Soul, there are times in our lives that we have to fall the furthest we ever had before in order for us to rise up to heal the hurts and the remove the thorns that have prevented us from being totally ourselves. I was really moved reading this, and yes it was difficult for me as well. I send you BIG (((HUGS))) and encouraging words that say, «Lillian, you can do anything you put your mind to.» 💖💖💖

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    1. Thank you Amy, I am so grateful for your wise and lovely words. You are amazing and so kind to me. Thank you for your hugs and encouraging words. Deeply appreciate it❤️
      I will always remember your last line❤️💞💖
      Bless you❤️


  5. First of all, Thats a brilliant piece of work. So good Lillian. Oh and the poems, Lot of pain. Seriously a lot of emotions in words and its deep. Stitches doesnt matter, winning and overcoming matters. Thats a beautiful work ✨✍️ Great one ✨👏

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  6. I know it is gut-wrenching to bear your soul in a blog. But you do it in a creative and beautiful way. No blog I’ve ever seen has reached this level of artistry and beauty. Even in sadness, the lovely tone colors flow. Words cannot really describe the emotions I feel as you convey your own in poetry and visual arts. It humbles me as I am making an attempt at writing a blog of my own. Take care and have a great day.

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