The Special Blogger Award

I feel honored and humbled because

gave me this award, and it is Mathew

who are the author behind this blog.

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your blog not long ago.

Your words … your poems … your interviews of other bloggers and your story ..

It blows me off the track, and I just want to flow with your words.

The first time I read on your blog jev cracked in pain, in pain and just wanted to move me in time and space to give you support. It was like reading a little about myself, and I felt deeply in my heart every emotion you described …

You are a great talent with your writing skills and you will reach far in this world.

You are a beautiful soul with a heart on the right spot with so much love and caring for others.

I’m pretty sure we could have sat talking for hours in the sunset about everything..

Thank you Mathew, I am so humbled to call you a friend.

Please, follow him, show him your love and be enchanted by his words.


Award Rules:

1 Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

2 Answer the questions you are asked ( if you’re comfortable doing so!)

3 Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated.

4 Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award.

5 Comment on your nominees most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated.

6 Have a fun


Mathew’s questions and my answers:

1 You’re on your way to work and you see a yellow light ahead. Do you gun it and make the light or cautiously wait for the red?

It has happened…I have gun it… but for the most part I stop.

2 A burglar has broken into your building right now. What’s the closest object you use as a weapon?

Either a lamp or a large plant.

3 You’ve just discovered that you can freeze time. What’s the first thing you do with this power?

Mmm, I can’t tell it out loud ..I leave it to your imagination..

4 What’s a habit you have or a thing you do which others might consider weird?

Oh my.. I am weird all the time… lol…but to collect teddy bears….

5 What’s a song that you like but you’re embarrassed to admit it?

No I have not a song like that…

7 How do you deal with a stressful day?

Meditate, draw, listens to music, writes poems and paints …

8 Least favorite vegetable?


9 Least favorite animal?

Duck counts as meat…

10 If you’d won the lottery would you share the jackpot with me?

I could have come up with something good for us….and you hadn’t refused it…


Take care folks, that’s all.


25 kommentarer om “The Special Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations Lillian!! You don’t like broccoli? Oh my, that’s my favorite, and corn too.😂Even Muffin likes broccoli as long as it’s not cooked.😺We’re all different on things that’s for sure, makes it more interesting! Enjoy your day Lillian!!😄😸🌞🌼

    Likt av 1 person

    1. My pleasure Mathew. It is words from my heart❤️
      My soul knows when it has hit another soul that is amazing like you. I am skeptical and do not let everyone into my heart, but when you come in there you have a friend for life in me if you want.
      Take care❤️


  2. I too dislike broccoli and eat it because it’s healthy only
    Number 3 is funny, imagination can be so wide 😁
    Plant or lamp? Bring some baseball stick at least 😁
    Collecting Teddy Bears is sweet I guess not weird 😊
    Another special award and congratulations again for another nomination 👏👏😊❤️

    Likt av 1 person

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