The Liebster Award

I have been nominated by

and it is Mathew who are the author behind this blog.

Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate it that you think I deserve this award.

Mathew: ( I copied this from my previous awards from you, but I added some new words….I hope you don’t mind)

… your poems … your interviews of other bloggers and your story … you blog about a lot of different and I sit enchanted and captivated on the sidelines with many emotions, a smile, or I laugh, or cry…

It blows me off the track, and I just want to flow with your words.

The more I read from you the more I will come back to your page and read. I am so impressed over your work on blog.

The first time I read on your blog I cracked in pain, and just wanted to move me in time and space to give you support. It was like reading a little about myself, and I felt deeply in my heart every emotion you described …

You are a great talent with your writing skills and you will reach far in this world.

You are a beautiful soul with a heart on the right spot with so much love and caring for others.

I’m pretty sure we could have sat talking for hours in the sunset about everything..

I think you have just started a journey that will take you beyond limits and your imagination, and I will be there to cheer on you. I wish you only the best from depth of my heart because you are YOU.

Thank you Mathew, I am so humbled to call you a friend.

(if you ever need any help with art you know where to find me😉)

Please, follow him, show him your love.


The Rules To Award:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you

Share 11 facts about yourself

Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you

Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

Notify your 11 nominees


11 facts about myself:

1) I have an aquarium and can sit watching this for a long time, sinking into a world that only the fish know.

2) I am not fond of cycling.

3) I can almost eat parsley to everything

4) I have two dogs

5) You know I’m a country girl living in the woods in Norway, but I’m lucky and have the wild animals right outside my door, everything from predators to cozy cute animals

5) I meditate and like to go outside to do it too.

6) Since I was born and raised in the wilderness, I can also use it to survive, read signs and be grateful for what it gives… I listen carefully to what nature says…

7) I am quiet and shy and skeptical, but do you get to know me and I trust you I will let you into my heart.

8) I love to read, but I often end up with paper and a pencil and draw or write.

9) I don’t like shopping.

10) I was going to be a chef once, but started vomiting when I was going to treat meat somehow … but still, I passed the college with the best grades ..

11) I am often in Sweden because I do not live so far from the border …

Matew’s 11 Questions with my answers:

1. What number can you count to without taking a single breath?

Let me try…. 99… wow…

2. How many push-ups can you do before you can’t do anymore?

Right now, 1… I broke one of my two for a few days a go and it hurts…

3. If you could clone one person in the world who would it be?

My husband, because the world need more people like him in it.

4. Would you clone yourself and would you trust your clone if you did?

Yes, and the world had become a better place😉

5. Would you go into the ocean on a submarine?


6. Do you prefer to write on a laptop or with pen and paper?

I often/always write on paper with a pen, because I feel more in unison with the words and get a better relationship of ownership to the words on the paper… (and yes, it is more work…)

7. What’s a cherished childhood television show that you used to love but haven’t thought of in a while?


8. Whats a smell that you love?

I love the smell from nature… a flower meadow or a Norwegian fjord or the freshness of the rain or ……

9. Do you prefer green apples or red and sweet apples?

Red and sweet apples ( this is a beginning of a poem I think…)

10. If you could have the perfect dream and never wake up would you take it?

No, I’m too curious about what life has to offer in the future…

11. How many cats does it take before you start to be labeled as a crazy cat person?

2, I have two… and yes, someone says I am a crazy cat person…. but I think it is enough with 1 to be called that…give them much love❤️


Thank you again Mathew, I really enjoy doing this, and your questions was good.

I am sorry folks, I break the rules… no award-no questions.

Take care.


34 kommentarer om “The Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations once more Lillian on your well deserved award!! I wouldn’t go in a submarine either,😲 I don’t think I would want to clone myself, too scary!😂 I agree with you on the nice nature smells, also red and sweet apples are better, though as I kid I liked them green and sour. I only have one cat and I’m definitely crazy!🤪😹Enjoy!

    Likt av 2 personer

      1. Sometimes it can be a good thing to take a break when it gets to be too overwhelming. Maybe even before it gets to that point. Can I make a suggestion? Stop your instagram for a while and perhaps take a short break from blogging, for a week or so, just to see if that is enough. Maybe it will need to be longer, though I hope you don’t give up blogging altogether. Several good bloggers have gone already this year, it would be terrible to lose you as well. However, you own health is most important. Let us know what you decide. I understand a little of what it’s like. Take care Lillian!🙂😺🌞💛

        Likt av 1 person

      2. I am so glad you are you Steve, thank you so much.
        I have been thinking a little and I do not want to stop blogging because I am so fond of all the people here …. so you do not lose me …🦋
        Yes, I know you do Steve and I appreciate it…
        and I am so far behind both with awards and not least posts from my holidays and other things … but I have to take little by little….
        Thank you Steve🌹big hug to you.

        Likt av 1 person

  2. Hey Lillian ✨😃 Congratulations! A well deserved award again ✨✍️ Oh u have an aquarium 🙄 Thats a lot of fish to cook ✨☺️ My god Two dogs, Must be brave to cross ur house ✨😉 5th point is so alien to me and a manufacturing defect 😂.
    i hate shopping too 😄 wow sweden✨ Nice place u r in ✨👏 omg tats 80 and my face got red gotta work on cardio 😉 wow one push up✨👏keep up after it heals, 2 cats 😲 and 2 dogs and an aquarium.. u got lot of works ✨✍️Enjoyed reading q&a’s… Have a good day ✨🤗

    Likt av 2 personer

  3. More interesting facts about you dear Lillian 😊 wanted to be a chef? Great! But you are very talented writer and painter as well
    99 without a breath is very good 👍 it’s great to grow up in the wilderness and country you learn to be tough
    And I hate shopping too 😊
    Enjoyed as always reading your answers and facts and congratulations for a new award 👍😊💕

    Likt av 1 person

  4. Hey Orki, I’m disappointed because I did read this post a few days ago and even left a long comment on it but it must not have went through for some reason. I believe I was having internet issues at the time.

    Your heartfelt praises make me feel unworthy of such, but deeply grateful. Thank you dearly. ❤ I also have 2 cats and I could only count to like 50 hahah.

    What would you use two husbands for? (My mind only goes to dirty places :S)

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. Oh no… that is not a good feeling and I am sorry, but I know all about internet issues, I live in the countryside and far in the woods…
      Don’t feel unworthy- I know when I meet a lovely soul… and I know it fast, because I am skeptical by nature…

      Well, we know that we are supporting eachoter and cheer on eachoter anyway..
      And I am grateful to you❤️

      Wow, yes… ofcourse, it is ok that your mind only goes to dirty places…. my mind too….so, no… I have to stop now..

      Likt av 1 person

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