I get some questions about my art:

And YES, it is mine.

I never use pictures from others page or site or free pictures pages…

Every single pencil line, paint strokes and color is mine…

It is my art,©️copyright orkidedatter.

I use a long time on one picture. I paint and draw. I paint and paint again and again and I draw a little bit more.

I use differences methods and tools.

In the end I am satisfied.

In the end I use a method «digitalprint» and on my instagram account @orkidedatter and blog you see digitalprint of my art.

As simple as taking a picture of my art and printing it out and it will last forever.

I wish for a geechee print printer…..but it is much expensive.

So, now you know more about my art and I think I keep some secrets about it tight to my heart…

One day I dream about a gallery show.

And, yes, all my words in my poems are mine too ©️orkidedatter ( if someone wonder)…

I just wanted to tell you❤️


A brush stroke

For every time she picks up the brush and looks at the colors in front of her, her heart will sing a happy song.

When she decides what color she should wear on her coat, her soul will rejoice.

As she lets brush and paint become one, her feelings of pain scream, and one brush stroke reminds her of what was.

She can have bright and happy colors, but still a shadow is thrown over them.

She can choose sad and dark colors and yet a shadow is thrown over them so they become even darker.

She can use the brush quickly with specific coats. Or use the brush gently with light movements.

For each brush stroke there is a feeling.

The more she paints, the more «she» appears in the games of color. Her innermost is reflected in what is painted in front of her.

She shakes her breath trembling and holds up what she paints in front of her. In a moment, a glimpse of the ghosts and a little glimpse of pain, she can see something changing.

She hangs up what she has painted on the wall. Take a few steps back and with admiration in the eye she sees the shadows getting smaller and the colors became clearer.

Can she master to let go…

Can she color over what was with new colors…

Can darkness brighten again…

What colors will she paint on her fragile wings that will learn to fly?

She wipes away some tears, tears falling from the depths of her heart and covering her soul with …


I’ve been drawn.

Thank you so much


Wow, I feel honored to be drawn by a wonderful soul inside this blog community.

It’s amazing what some words and chemistry with the one you talk to can do.

I keep staring at those eyes… it is something about them.

You have caught the playfulness in my eyes …and I let my friend see it…»wow, she has drawn your «twinkle in your eye», was the response.

You are very talented.

Never stop drawing.

Never stop writing.

Keep smiling

Happy blogging.

Much love from


Thank you my friend


Instagram @velmount

I really appreciate your kind words my friend.

I feel so lucky to have met you on instagram and now you are on wp too.

Please, follow him and let you be amazed, captivated and enthralled by his words.

A talented poet with a lovely soul with a heart of a jewel.

Thank you for all your support.


Quote art interpretation.

Well, Orkidedatter read a post at

Nathan who are the author behind the blog


Please, check this blog out if you have not already done it.

Nathan is a such beyond good writer and artist, and often he «blew me away» with his words.

I have to read them twice because, ok, I am Norwegian and have to understand the language first of all. But, I really want to sense what a author write when I read something. I want to get a movie in my mind and feel the rush… Feel all the emotions I as a reader have a desire to feel all the emotions I’m invited by the author to feel in my heart and soul. A desire to be touched and moved and dive into the author’s ocean of words to interpret what he or she is writing.

On Nathan’s blog when I read it, I do feel like I am swimming in words among stars in the moonlight where I stand as a shadow of his skills… with my little spark and your always support I will shine on my blog too.

I deeply appreciate your time and your feedback.

Nathan, I am so overwhelmed to be able to call you my friend, thank you.


I hadn’t heard of this quote before, but it hit me hard in my heart and my artist’s soul began to paint a picture in my mind.

I just knew I had to paint it. I found my paint brush and draw stuff to get my interpretation down on the paper.

I got this quote from Nathan’s blog

without more words, here is my art, and interpretation of the quote:

Thank you Nathan for your inspiration and my soul was dancing all the time during this work.


Orkidedatter is changing….

My blog is under refurbishment.

The blog will change the look, but I will be the same.

You may find that my address change from Orkidedatter.wordpress.com to Orkidedatter.com when my blog is finish.

See you soon.

I want to work as fast as I can.

Take care❤️

Much love from


I miss you

A poem from my friend in USA

«for a girl I know in Norway…

put the plane

on autopilot

and let it run its course

and there’s a chance

⁃ no a guarantee, actually

that at some point it will

crash and burn

but because love is not only pleasure

but also pain

then falling down doesn’t mean

that you’re not loved

it means

life is trying to teach you

with every crash and burn

that love isn’t all warm and cozy

like we want it to be

it can burn



like a mad bee

who lost its


to find the best love requires you

push the limit

and fly to flowers that

are far away and the

long, wild flight there

may be scary

and you may


along the way


love don’t die

so you’re going to have to get up

shake the dust from your little wings

and fly away



Thank you very much KT, I am so incredibly grateful that we found each other in this world and I can follow and read your Words. I cannot describe you enough and thank you enough and I very much appreciate that you like my art.

I miss you, but I know you are coming back, and I know you will be blogging and I hope when the day comes, my followers will like your words as much as I do.

From your little butterfly in Norway.



(I haven’t link to his blog because I know he can’t blog on his journey he is on right now, I hope you all respect that, thank you)

Thank you flyhiee.com

This picture is a screenshot from the Facebook website to flyhiee.com, I have borrowed it, but let me know if you think that is not ok, I delete it.


It is pretty amazing to me that someone wants to feature the work I do.

I never thought when I started blogging or posting my work on instagram that this would happen.

I am so grateful to all my followers on wordpress and on my instagram account.

I can`t thank you enough, but I hope everyone of you can feel from my botton of my heart and from my depths in my soul that I am really very touched and thankful.

Thank you so much https://www.flyhiee.com/

for letting me post this poem on your website.

I hope more of my followers check you out and join in the world of being enchanted by all the beauty that is to read on your website. I do, and I follow you on facebook too, thank you.

I don`t know  what to say, I lost my words,  but here is the poem I choose:


Last night you were a panther.

One of the most beautiful animals in the world,

but also

one of the most dangerous.

Listed around in the nature of darkness

with glittering coat and shining eyes.

You hunted.

Circle your prey. 

You can feel the silence.

You stretched out your paw,

washed it gently,

before planting it in the wet surface.

You smelled in the night.

Licked your mouth

and jumped up to the nearest tree.

At the top you looked over the landscape.

Felt hunger, starvation and desire.

You have to kill tonight to survive.

You closed your eyes, a phanter was your


in this life.

You were attacked, smashed kisses and the 

heart torn out.

No magic.

No beautiful words.

No one cares.

No one miss you, just coldness and darkness.

Quietly you go from the place.

This time satisfied.

You won this fight.

You sneak home.

Lie down.

Lick your wounds.

You know it`s not long to the

next hunger

next yearning

next desire

the next battle.

Die or survive…





Souls of love…

(This post is only in English text).

Photo challenge:

Thank you so much Suki for recommending me to join this picture challenge. I couldn`t resist and have tried to write a poem.

Suki, who is baffledmum.com you are a great talent and I hope the world sees and reads you and they can feel far into their heart and souls how wonderful you are, both as a poet and a storyteller, how creative you are and as a fellow man. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words of love on your blogg.

The rules:

-150 word limit

– write a piece of historical fiction or poetry about the photo

– Try not to use the words tree & green

– Tag 3 people to do the same with the photo

Poem dikt souls of love norwegian blogger

He put his strong arms around her and she melted in his arms.

She felt his love and energy burn around in her body.

She felt safe as he surrounded her in nature’s own wilderness.

Only the two alone against the dangers of darkness.

Only the two alone against the longing for love.

Only the two alone against forbidden love.

His eyes told her about sorrow and pain.

Her eyes told him about unknown waters.

He makes her do things she thought she should never do.

She becomes a slave to his lovemaking.

They cannot remove each other’s heartbeat.

They throw away each other’s time.

Hope they will be happy in others’ arms one day.

They spend a lot of time on a battle that is already lost.

They tear each other’s world apart.

Their hearts bleed and their souls have caught each other.

They have given each other’s life to eternity.



Feel free to continue this challenge with either a poem or historical fiction piece.

Let the world read ours word of love and heartbeat.

Thank you agan Suki, I really enjoy doing this, it was fun.


(English text after the Norwegian text).

Hvorfor navnet Orkidedatter?

En kveld like før jul for to år siden var jeg og min venninne på en stor plantasje der du får kjøpt bare planter og blomster.

Det bugner av fantastiske blomster, farger, størrelser og julestemning.

Vi var også i godt humør. Vi gikk rundt og snakket, lo og så på blomstene.

Vi hadde tatt med oss en handlekurv, og den er både stor og tung. Vi er begge litt vimsette av oss, men det gikk bra.

Helt til det ikke gikk bra lenger. Jeg er henne jenta som snubler på flatmark og det var akkurat det jeg gjorde.

Jeg husker jeg holdt i handlekurven idet jeg snubler og jeg husker jeg hadde strake armer og måtte slippe handlekurven, jeg hørte et brak fra kurven og jeg husker jeg ramla og falt i gulvet, halveis oppå en hylle full av blomster.

Det lange håret mitt ligger over ansiktet mitt. Armer og bein i kryss og jeg føler meg litt svimmel. Jeg blåser håret bort fra ansiktet. Jeg ligger på ryggen og det overrasker meg litt.

Jeg hører noen le, og jeg forstår hvem det er. Vi ser på hverandre og jeg vet ikke om jeg skal le eller gråte.

Flaut syns jeg, men hun slår opp de vakre store blå øynene sine og så sier hun:

«Jeg ser ikke forskjell på deg eller blomstene jeg vennen, fordi du er like skjønn som blomstene og jeg kunne ha plukka med deg hjem»

Jeg hadde flere blomster over meg og jeg kikka ned. Der lå jeg midt iblant Orkideblomstene.

Jeg tok med et par Orkideblomster hjem, de lever ennå, og blomstrer.

Vi har hatt mye moro med denne episoden, og slik begynte bloggnavnet mitt, som også brukes som mitt kunstnernavn og forfatternavn.

Forskjellen på meg og et løvetannbarn er at jeg hadde visnet i fortaussprekken – der løvetannen trives.

Jeg greier meg greit i hagen – der løvetannen vokser og gror.

Jeg blomstrer spektakulært med god omsorg i et drivhus – mens løvetannen kommer seg frem uansett kår.

Løvetannen kan spire opp gjennom asfalten, er et bilde på barn som kommer seg gjennom vanskeligheter.

Løvetannbarna er motstandsdyktige, de er robuste og stødige, beskyttet mot påvirkning av ytre omstendigheter. Dette gjelder både negativ og positiv påvirkning. Ettersom at de er lite mottakelige for påvirkning, er de motstandsdyktige i møte med belastende omstendigheter. Slike belastninger kan være mangel på tilknytning de første leveårene, å være utsatt for gjentatt mishandling eller ekstrem fattigdom.

Orkidébarna beskrives derimot som de mer skjøre og sårbare barna som i liten grad tåler motgang og belastninger. Tidligere ble det antatt at disse barna hadde «risikogener» eller «kriger-gen» ettersom at det ville få svært negative konsekvenser for deres mentale helse dersom de lever i et stressende miljø over lengre tid.

Et viktig poeng er at man ikke er enten løvetannbarn eller orkidébarn, men at dette handler om glidende overganger mellom disse ytterpunktene.

Jeg var med i en forskningsgruppe nå ikke så lenge siden for Orkidebarn. Jeg gjenkjente meg så igjenn i beskrivelsen av disse. Som sårbar, ikke et robust barn og når jeg nå har blitt syk, så er det mindre sjangse for at jeg kommer tilbake i samme tilstand som før jeg ble syk (resilient) som et løvetannbarn.

Til Orkidebarn er mestringstillitten ødlagt.

Orkidébarnet har en større nevrobiologisk og psykologisk mottakelighet for omgivelsene.

Orkidébarn er samvittighetsfulle og svært pliktoppfyllende. I voksen alder er de en yndet arbeidstaker som gjerne går den ekstra runden og som fullfører sine oppgaver på en eksemplarisk måte. Men pass på: Jenter kan falle i «Flink-pike-fellen» og gutter i «Arbeidsnarkomani-fellen»

(Det er også mer som beskriver Orkidebarn, men det er ikke tatt med her).

Og selvfølgelig, en dypere betydning, som er:

Orkidéblomsten er et symbol på fruktbarhet, som passer deg perfekt. Fruktbarhet er lik kreativitet, i dette tilfellet kunstnerisk kreativitet, selve essensen av sjelen din: «Orkideen har vært holdt høyt i betraktning siden antikken. Det symboliserer







Min sjel føler seg hjemme i disse ordene, og kan gjenkjenne dette.

Jeg gjør små ting med stor kjærlighet, og de vakreste ting i livet kan ikke bli sett eller rørt ved, men må føles i ditt hjerte.

Velkommen til Orkidedatter.



One night just before Christmas two years ago I and my girlfriend were on a large plantation where you can only buy plants and flowers.

It abounds with amazing flowers, colors, sizes and Christmas atmosphere.

We were also in a good mood. We walked around talking, laughing and looking at the flowers.

We had brought a basket with us and it is big and heavy.

We are both a little shy of us and we are clumsy og us, but it went well.

Until it didn’t go well anymore.

I am a girl who stumbles on flat ground and that was exactly what I did.

I remember holding in the basket as I stumbled and I remember having straight arms and having to drop the basket, I heard a bump from the basket and I remember falling…and falling into the floor, halfway on a shelf full of flowers.

My long hair faling over my face.

Arms and legs are crotch and I feel a little dizzy.

I blow my hair away from my face.

I lie on my back and it surprises me a little.

I hear some laughs and I understand who it was.

We look at each other and I do not know if I should laugh or cry.

Luckily I can see her beautiful big blue eyes smiling to me and then she says,

«I don’t see any difference between you or the flowers, because you are as beautiful as the flowers and I could have picked you home»

I could feel the flowers over me and I look down.

There I lay in the middle of the orchid flowers.

I brought a couple of orchid flowers home, they still alive and bloom.

We’ve had a lot of fun with this episode, and so began my blog name, which is also used as my artist name and author name for short stories.


The difference between me and a dandelion is that I had withered in the pavement talk – where the dandelion thrives. I can handle myself well in the garden – where the dandelion grows and grows.
I flourish spectacularly with good care in a greenhouse – while the dandelion comes out anyway.
The deciduous barbs are resistant, they are robust and sturdy, protected from the impact of external circumstances. This applies to both negative and positive influences. Because they are not susceptible to impact, they are resistant to stressful circumstances. Such stresses may be lack of attachment during the first years of life, being subjected to repeated abuse or extreme poverty.
The orchid children, on the other hand, are described as the more fragile and vulnerable children who can withstand little or no hardship. Previously, it was believed that these children had «risk eyes» or «war genes» since it would have very negative consequences for their mental health if they live in a stressful environment for a long time.

An important point is that you are not either dandelion children or orchid children, but that this is about moving transitions between these extremes.

I was a member of a research group for the orchid children not so long time ago. I then recognized myself in the description of these.

As vulnerable, not a robust child and when I have now become ill, there is less chances for me to return to the same condition as before I became ill (resilient) as a dandelion child can do.

To Orkidebarn, the masterygeeling is destroyed.

The orchid child has a greater neurobiological and psychological susceptibility to the environment.

The orchid children are conscientious and very conscientious. In adulthood, they are a favorite worker who often goes the extra round and who completes their tasks in an exemplary manner. But beware: Girls can fall into the «Good-Girl-trap» and boys in «Work-addict trap»

(It is more that describe Orchid children, but I have not writen it her).

And ofcourse, a deeper meaning, which is:

The orchid flower is a symbol of fertility, which suits you perfectly. Fertility is equal to creativity, in this case, artistic creativity, the very essence of your soul:
The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times. It symbolizes


My soul feel like home in this words, and can recognize this.

I do small things with great love, and – the most beautiful things in life can not be seen or touched. They must been felt with the heart.

Welcome to Orkidedatter

Se mee…and I have failed..

(English text after the Norwegian)

counselor educator see me Norwegian blogger

Jeg har jobbet med barn og unge i over 25 år og har et ekstra hjerte for disse menneskene i samfunnet.

Dette er mine erfaringer fra mitt arbeid.

Det er ikke sikkert du deler min mening og det er helt greit, det er akkurat det som gjør arbeid med barn og unge så interessant da dette kan sees fra ulike synsvinkler og fra ulike kunnskaper og kompetanser vi har.

Men, jeg har et ansvar, du har et ansvar og vi har alle et ansvar for ungdommen i vårt samfunn.

Ungdommen trenger å bli sett og hørt og tatt på alvor med alle sine utfordringer emosjonelt de måtte ha. Kanskje ikke for deg kan hjertesorg høres alvorlig ut i tidlig tenåringsalder. Som voksen vet vi at dette gjør vondt litt, men livet går videre. Det er bare det at for noens datter eller sønn kan dette oppleves som slutten på livet. De er så unge så de har ikke erfart at livet går videre uansett hvor mye det gjør vondt og erfaringer med smertelige erfaringer. Det er noe som må læres.

Jeg har tro på å ha gode forbilder som kan vise dem at man kan lære seg å leve med disse tingene er gull verdt. Jeg har hatt mange unge jenter på mitt kontor som tror at livet er over fordi gutten knuste deres hjerte. Jeg har tatt gutter med ut fra kontoret og gått tur med de der de har ligget i krampegråt på asfalten fordi jenta ikke hadde bruk for han mer. Hun hadde funnet en annen.

For disse ungdommene er det trygt å ha noen trofaste personer rundt seg som ikke forsvinner eller endres, selv om omstendighetene gjør det. Som ikke svikter. De trenger akkurat deg.

De trenger en som ikke slipper taket selv når alle andre gjør det. De trenger en som ikke dømmer de ut fra utseende eller hva det falske bildet av livet deres på sosiale medier viser. De trenger noen som virkelig ser dem for de dem er og ser forbi «masken» og ser inn i deres indre. De trenger hjelp til å bære det som er for tungt å bære for skuldrene deres. De trenger deg.

Det er ikke lett å være ung i dag, og det var ikke lett å være ung selv når jeg var det, men det har blitt så mange arenaer de unge må kjempe for å bli sett. Enten er det skolen, i vennegjengen, hos det motsatte kjønn, i sosiale medier, idrett, og listen bare fortsetter.

I alt dette må mange i tillegg kjempe om foreldrenes oppmerksomhet. Jeg har snakket med flere ungdommer som forteller om dette, og jeg fikk meg en aha opplevelse. Motstanderen kan være jobben til foreldrene, telefon, sosiale medier, TV, hobby eller falmiliære faktorer.

I min jobb har det ikke vært å fjerne disse utfordringene, men mitt ansvar er å være der for dem gjennom det de måtte møte av utfordringer. Jeg kan være en samtalepartner, veileder, en trygghet, en som er trofast, en som blir når andre går, en som trøster og være der for dem. En som ser inn i deres sjel og hjertevarme.

Noen foreldre kan bli frustrerte fordi ungdommen ikke vil snakke med dem. Det er bare slik det er i noen situasjoner. Ungommen forteller meg at de ikke vil snakke med foreldrene om dette fordi de har nok å tenke på, de ønsker ikke å åpne seg for foreldrene om akkurat dette, de syns det er pinlig, de vil at foreldrene ikke skal vite eller de bare ønsker å få snakke med en annen part, reagere, lufte følelser og tanker og ha en bedre kveld hjemme sammen med foreldrene. Kanskje åpner noen seg opp hjemme og de kan snakke sammen uten at det eskalerer til krangling og uoverenstemmelser. Uansett er det viktig at ungdommen kan få velge det selv. Det er ikke alltid de trenger å snakke, men bli sett.

I min jobb ønsker jeg å se deg, men det er ikke sånn at jeg bare kan skru meg selv av. Jeg er den jeg er 24 timer i døgnet og uansett morgen eller kveld om jeg skulle se deg, eller du meg, jeg kommer aldri til å avvise deg. Så mange flotte ungdommer der ute. Jeg ønsker å se deg.

Men akkurat nå har jeg dessverre måttet ta et skritt tilbake og tenke over min situasjon. Jeg føler jeg svikter dere der ute som alltid har stolt på at jeg har vært tilgjengelig, jeg er så lei meg.



Se mee…and I have failed…

I’ve been working with kids and adolescents for over 25 years and have an extra heart for these people in the community.

This is my experience from some of my work.

You may not share my opinion and that’s fine, it’s exactly what makes work with children and adolescents so interesting as this can be seen from different perspectives and from different knowledge and competencies we have.

But, I have a responsibility, you have a responsibility and we all have a responsibility for the youth in our society.

The adolescents need to be seen and heard and taken seriously with all their challenges emotionally they may have. Perhaps not for you, heartache may sound severe in early teens. As an adult, we know that this hurts a little, but life goes on. It’s just that for someone’s daughter or son, this can be experienced as the end of life.

They are so young they have not experienced that life goes on no matter how much it hurts and experiences with painful situations. It is something that must be learned. I have faith in having good models that can show them that one can learn to live with these things is worth gold.

I have had many young girls in my office who believe life is over because the boy shattered their heart. I have taken boys out of the office and walked with those where they have been lying in convulsive weeping on the asphalt because the girl did not need him anymore. She had found another one.

For these adolescents, it is safe to have some faithful people around who do not disappear or change, even if circumstances do. That doesn’t fail. They just need you.

They need someone who doesn’t let go even when everyone else does. They need someone who doesn’t judge them by appearance or what the false image of their life on social media shows. They need someone who really sees them for who they are and looks past the «mask» and take a deep lok inside who them really are. They need help to carry what is too heavy to carry for their shoulders. They need you.

It’s not easy to be young today, and it wasn’t easy to be young even when I was at that age, but it has become so many venues the adolescents have to fight to be seen. Either the school, the friends, the opposite sex, the social media, sports, and the list just goes on.

In all this, many must also fight for the parents’ attention. I have talked to several young people who tell about this, and I got an aha experience. The opponent can be the job of the parents, phone, social media, television, hobby or phyla-like factors.

In my job it has not been to remove these challenges, but my responsibility is to be there for them through what they have to face in life. I can be an interlocutor, supervisor, a security, one who is faithful, one who becomes when others go, one who comforts and is there for them. One who looks into their soul and their heart.

Some parents may be frustrated because the adolescents do not want to talk to them. It’s just the way it is in some situations. The adolescents tells me that they do not want to talk to parents about this because they have enough to think about, they do not want to open up to parents about this, they think it is embarrassing, they want the parents not to know or they just want to get talking to another part, respond, take out some emotions and thoughts and have a better evening at home with your parents. Maybe someone opens up at home and they can talk together without escalating into quarrels and inconsistencies. In any case, it is important that the adolescents can choose for themselves. They don’t always need to talk, but be seen.

In my job, I want to see you, but it’s not that I can just turn myself off. I am who I am 24 hours a day and whatever morning or evening I should see you, or you me, I will never reject you. So many great adolescents out there. I want to see you.

But, right now I have unfortunately had to take a step back and think about my situation. I feel like I ‘m failing you out there who have always trusted that I have been available, I am so sorry.