Quote art interpretation.

Well, Orkidedatter read a post at

Nathan who are the author behind the blog


Please, check this blog out if you have not already done it.

Nathan is a such beyond good writer and artist, and often he «blew me away» with his words.

I have to read them twice because, ok, I am Norwegian and have to understand the language first of all. But, I really want to sense what a author write when I read something. I want to get a movie in my mind and feel the rush… Feel all the emotions I as a reader have a desire to feel all the emotions I’m invited by the author to feel in my heart and soul. A desire to be touched and moved and dive into the author’s ocean of words to interpret what he or she is writing.

On Nathan’s blog when I read it, I do feel like I am swimming in words among stars in the moonlight where I stand as a shadow of his skills… with my little spark and your always support I will shine on my blog too.

I deeply appreciate your time and your feedback.

Nathan, I am so overwhelmed to be able to call you my friend, thank you.


I hadn’t heard of this quote before, but it hit me hard in my heart and my artist’s soul began to paint a picture in my mind.

I just knew I had to paint it. I found my paint brush and draw stuff to get my interpretation down on the paper.

I got this quote from Nathan’s blog

without more words, here is my art, and interpretation of the quote:

Thank you Nathan for your inspiration and my soul was dancing all the time during this work.